Our general terms and conditions

Youth Hostels (JH) are houses of the national associations of the German Youth Hostel Association (DJH) or houses of other institutions affiliated to the DJH.

The prerequisite for acceptance into a Youth Hostel is membership in the German Youth Hostel Association or in another association of the International Youth Hostel Federation (IYHF). It can also be purchased on site at the youth hostels.

Youth hostels are primarily a service for young people and families.

Children and youth groups must be accompanied by at least one person responsible for supervision.


  1. Guests can book their stay in person, by phone, fax, mail, e-mail or online.
  2. The reservation request should contain the following information: name, address, dates of arrival and departure, number of persons with indication of sex, date of birth, membership number (if available), in case of families age of children, food preferences.
  3. The reservation becomes binding for both parties with the written or verbal confirmation or the conclusion of a written occupancy contract.
  4. With families, groups and for longer stays a written occupancy contract is concluded.
  5. Unregistered guests can only stay overnight if the occupancy situation allows it.


The payment for the stay in the youth hostel is due at the latest on departure. A deposit may be required. Further details are regulated by the concluded occupancy contract.


  1. Guests without a written occupancy contract can cancel their booking by phone. The cancellation must be received by the youth hostel by 6 pm on the day before the planned arrival.
  2. Guests with a written occupancy contract must cancel in writing. The cancellation must be received by the youth hostel at least eight weeks before the planned arrival date, unless otherwise agreed in the occupancy contract. A correction of the number of participants must also be made in writing at least eight weeks before the planned arrival date.
  3. For registrations within eight weeks prior to arrival and cancellations made thereafter, the regulations mentioned under “Cancellation payment” in the next chapter apply in any case.
  4. The youth hostels are entitled to withdraw from the confirmation of the reservation or the written occupancy contract up to four weeks before the day of arrival due to non-availability of the promised or agreed services. In these cases, you are obliged to inform the registered guests immediately of the unavailability and to refund any advance payments already made. Affected guests receive support in the search for alternative accommodation.

Loss of earnings payment

  1. If the cancellation deadlines are not met or if there is a reduction of at least ten percent between the number of registered guests and the number of guests arriving or if the guests do not appear at all, the youth hostel will demand compensation of fifty percent of all agreed services per person and day, unless the guest can prove that less damage or no damage was caused.
  2. If the costs incurred by the Youth Hostel as a result of the withdrawal are demonstrably higher than this lump sum, the guest shall owe this amount.
  3. Compensation is waived if the agreed services are used by other guests.


Presentation of a valid membership card is a prerequisite for using the youth hostels.

Membership of persons

  1. The membership card can be purchased by all persons with permanent residence in the Federal Republic of Germany at all DJH membership card issuing offices (including youth hostels and offices of the DJH Regional Associations).
  2. Individual guests up to 26 years receive the junior card. For individual guests who are older than 26 years and for families there is the membership card “Family/27 Plus” (FAM/27 Plus). Marriage-like communities are equal to families if they have a common residence. A separate membership card can be issued for each family member. Children of full age need a separate membership.
  3. Family membership cards (FAM/27 Plus) entitle the adult cardholder to take along their own and befriended underage children.
  4. Foreign guests who are not members of an IYHF affiliated association can purchase the “International Guest Card” (Welcome Stamps) on site.

Membership of organizations

  1. Schools, youth groups, clubs, associations, foundations, companies, corporations and other organizations acquire corporate membership and receive group membership cards in return.
    For admission, the statutory provisions of the DJH Main Association and the DJH Regional Associations apply.
  2. With the group membership card the leader can stay with a group in the hostel. The group membership card is not a substitute for individual membership. It is not transferable to other institutions or persons.
  3. A group consists of at least four participants including the leader. Group leaders must be at least 16 years old.
  4. Group membership cards are not issued to travel agencies and other companies that arrange travel participation on a commercial basis. When booking through an intermediary, the traveling group’s own membership is also required.


The basis of the prices is the current price list of the respective national association or the youth hostel at the time of receipt of the reservation request, unless other prices are agreed in the occupancy contract.

Price lists are available from the DJH regional associations and youth hostels.


  1. Guests who, through their own fault, cause damage to buildings and inventory will be compensated in accordance with legal regulations (including parents and organizers).
  2. Liability for loss, theft or damage to valuables can only be accepted if these have been expressly given to the hostel management or its representatives for safekeeping, unless the DJH, its organs or vicarious agents have caused the loss or damage intentionally or through gross negligence. The statutory provisions also apply here.
  3. No liability is accepted for damage to motor vehicles (including contents) and bicycles located on the premises of the DJH, unless the damage was caused intentionally or through gross negligence by the DJH or its organs or vicarious agents.
These terms of use/general terms and conditions for youth hostels were adopted by resolution of the general meeting on November 19, 2005 in Hannover.