Our house rules

We wish all guests a pleasant and eventful stay in our youth hostel. The common stay requires understanding for each other and mutual consideration. The following rules in the YH are essential


The registration is open from 16.00 to 18.00 hours. If you are registered, you can also arrange an individual arrival time with the hostel management.

If you are not registered, you can find out if there are free places by phone or directly at the hostel.

Every member of a German youth hostel association or another youth hostel association affiliated to the International Youth Hostel Federation (IYHF) with a valid membership card is welcome as a guest in the YH. Membership can be purchased online or in the YH, foreign guests without a membership card must purchase an “International Guest Card”.

The terms of use for youth hostels apply see AGB’s

All guests register on a registration form.


Group leaders and teachers are responsible for their groups.

Accommodation is in shared rooms and usually separated into male and female persons. Families or (married) couples can be accommodated together in one room after registration, if available.

We ask for your help during your stay. This includes, for example, that you keep the facilities, rooms and objects you use in good order.

Food may not be prepared or eaten in bedrooms (exception: booked family room with kitchen).

For hygienic reasons, beds may only be used with bed linen.

Smoking is not allowed in the YH, except in the marked outdoor area.

The triggering of the fire alarm without good reason, e.g. by open fire or smoking, and the resulting fire department action, if applicable, will result in the respective responsible person having to bear the costs incurred.

Charging batteries for electric motors, e.g. e-bike, is not allowed in the hostel rooms for safety reasons, with the exception of assigned connections in the bicycle storage rooms.

The use of the leisure facilities in the house and on the premises is at your own risk (e.g. table tennis, climbing wall, soccer pitch…).

It is not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages brought into the hostel or on its premises. Alcoholized guests may be expelled from the house.

Animals may not be brought along in principle. Exceptions can be discussed with the hostel management.

The night’s rest starts at 10 pm and ends at 7 am. In order to make the night’s rest possible for other guests, all guests are asked to show consideration.

Electronic devices may only be used if they do not disturb other guests.

The youth hostels have committed themselves to environmental protection and nature conservation. Therefore we ask you to use energy and water sparingly.

Suggestions for improvement from guests are welcome, wishes and complaints can be directed to the hostel management.


The bedrooms must be vacated by 10 am. Exceptions are possible after consultation with the hostel management. Of course you can pay in cash or by EC card. The bed linen must be taken off and left in the basement at the end of the corridor before the showers. The key must be handed in at the registration desk.

Domestic Authority

The hostel management exercises the house right on behalf of the youth hostel Altenberg. This can pronounce a house prohibition with disregard of the basic rules. The house ban is verbally justified.